Greatest Hotels

Web Design, Branding

Greatest Hotels is a high class curation of hotel resorts with Google Business Photos to guide travel enthusiasts towards the greatest hotels in the world.

Concept Objectives

The objective of the project was to design a new visual identity and website for the client. The goal of the website is to curate the best hotels in the world and encourage users to explore them with Google Business Photos and promote Direct Reservations.

Users can learn all about the hotels they like, add them to lists and virtually tour their locations and features. This project included user testing, user feedback, and personas to create a reliable tool for business or pleasure.


The client expressed their desire for change, both in visuals and expression. Their old branding was from the Adobe Flash era and the client’s goals had changed drastically. They were looking for a new look that was Solid, Authentic, and Direct.


Unit Testing & Prototyping

My peers and I tested the wireframes with an assortment of users both inside and outside of the target demographic. Funnily enough, InVision didn’t exist at the time so these were in-person paper prototype sessions.

Talking to people in person let them ask unexpected questions. I learned that people were more interested in human-curated recommendations to find a hotel rather than search. Stuck moments showed me how some of the iconography was too abstract.


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